Freedom Burrito went Keto!

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I LOVE how Keto and Burrito rhyme. I can’t get over it. Seriously!

Okay, so we live in north Idaho and this little burrito place was on my radar to visit for the longest time, but I’ll be honest, we held off. Our favorite Mexican place has always been Azteca in Riverstone, Coeur d’Alene, ID, so to go anywhere else, we needed a seriously great reason.

Well, over on Freedom Burrito’s Facebook page, they gave us one. My friend tagged me on their Keto Cheesecake post and I was like, um, yeah, I’m going.

So, last night, we packed up the six kids and headed that way.

When I got there, I discovered that they have a Keto Menu! Okay, full disclosure, I heard about that before I went, but I wasn’t sure I believed them. I mean, come on, everyone seems to be on the keto bandwagon these days. I wasn’t sure just how much this place understood keto and how much they were actually providing for the keto community. Yeah, let’s just say I ate my “humble” Keto Burrito and I didn’t regret it!

Oh. My. Word. Here’s where the review starts.


  1. Cute restaurant front in a little strip mall style place. I don’t do pictures of building fronts, because kids running all over the place is not for me. However, it’s cute and right off Seltice Way. Easy to find, too.
  2. Clean. A HUGE THING FOR ME. When we walked in, it felt clean. The tables were clean. The ambience itself felt clean. Phew.
  3. We went in about six pm on a Tuesday. Not packed at all. I think we were the only ones there for about fifteen minutes. Not a bad thing at all! I do see this changing as their awesomeness becomes more known.
  4. Great menu displays and images of what to expect for each meal on their reader board. I love full disclosure. It’s one of my favorite things.
  5. The lady at the counter was a DOLL. She was so sweet and patient as I went through the eight orders for my family. I NEVER change things to accommodate pickiness, but I do order a LOT of food, so that always takes a bit to get through. She was very helpful. I love that.
  6. The price was comparable to what I pay when I go to Azteca and there really WAS a Keto Menu. THAT IS AWESOME.
  7. When we ordered, we were unsure of the sizes of stuff, so we ordered big. Go big or go home is not just a saying in our house. We were pleased to find that the meals are big and come out on a stainless steel tray as the PLATE. Yep, you heard that right. You’ll see in the pictures.
  8. Easy access to free water cups is a HUGE win with our family. We do NOT drink pop at all and didn’t have to beg for water cups. I loved that.
  9. Fast service for NOT fast food was amazing. We got the food within five to ten minutes and it all came out within a couple minutes of each other. We know keto food takes longer than normal carbed up food, so this wasn’t an issue.


  1. No printable menus YET. They are in a soft launch opening right now and they don’t have printed menus, but the sweetheart at the counter assured me they were coming.
  2. The Keto menu is awesome, but at this time it’s only two things – burritos or tacos. Let’s not be confused at this point, though. I looked over the menu and for a slight upcharge, you could make a keto adjustment to just about anything on the menu, but I’m not absolutely certain on this. Plus, when you read my review of the food below, you’ll see why this is NOT a real drawback.
  3. No keto cheesecake left. Ugh. I really wanted to have a piece and not have to make it myself. Not a problem. They do say on their post on their Facebook page to hurry in while supplies last. Eye Twitch. Do not be surprised, if I’m sitting at their door before they open to get that piece.

As you can see the pros far outweigh the cons for the overall experience and if you read the drawbacks, you’ll see that they really AREN’T drawbacks.

So here is the food discussion.

Holy. Keto. Batman.

I have been eating ketogenically since August of 2018. I have it down on what I can eat and can’t. I KNOW what is okay and what isn’t, you know? I also know what to eat where and what changes need to be made to my item that I ordered.

The tortilla-looking thing around the burrito IS NOT FLOUR. Immarepeatthatagain! IT IS NOT FLOUR! I think it’s made out of cheese and the secret ingredient mentioned below… but I DON’T know for sure. All I know is I wanna eat it every meal for the next 10 years!

USUALLY (and I know you get this if you’ve tried eating out on keto), there’s not a menu item out there that doesn’t have to be altered, modified or left on the plate unless you’re ordering a la carte – which again, is NOT how you can order a satisfactory meal – AMMIRIGHT?

First, my daughter and I eat keto. We were GOING to order one of each item on the menu. So tacos for her and burritos for me. Then we both ordered burritos. Okay, no big deal. Then we both ordered steak. Um, this makes a problem when we’re trying to order items to test them out.

Not to worry. This just means we get to go back and try out the tacos.

Okay, so here’s what it looked like when it came out.

It’s really very pretty. The colors and the set up were amazing. For a size comparison, I have a picture of my son with his nachos – the nacho plate is SMALLER than the tray. Not kidding. I KNOW it’s not a good picture. He wouldn’t hold still and he kept trying to eat his plate. Yes, he’s almost fifteen. It might have been easier with the five year old.

Before I go any further, the keto burrito with steak only cost: $13.99. I’m okay with that!

Let’s see if I can describe what was in the burrito. I used different lighting for this next picture to try to show the vivid colors of the plate. I would have taken more time to make a better picture, but let’s be honest. I WAS HUNGRY. Everyone at my table was hungry and they were all waiting for me. This had to happen and it had to happen fast.

So here’s what I KNOW was in the burrito. I’ll break it down.

First – let me digress a moment. I was able to cut into it with a plastic knife and eat it with a plastic fork. The burrito casing was crispy without being too tough. So far so good.

Cutting into that casing was like opening a present. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get, but I hoped it was drenched in keto deliciousness. And it was.

Guacamole, avocado chunks, steak chunks, different cheeses, sour cream (I think) and maybe even peppers? filled the casing. There was an amazing sauce that I wanted to lick from the pot mixed in as well. 

I think… and I don’t know FOR SURE, but I think there was bacon in that burrito wrapping. I THINK. I can’t say for sure, because the coloring was just enough that I couldn’t tell, but I do think that’s a secret ingredient. Shhhh.

Let me say this… I don’t know exactly what went in that dish, but I will declare, most adamantly, that I will be back for more. AND MORE. The entire family said they love FB MORE than Azteca which is a hard thing to get out of us. We’re loyal and like our favorites. My daughter was smarter than I was and only ate half her burrito and now she has some for lunch today.

I ate that entire thing and I slicked my pan CLEAN.

I don’t even feel bad about it and do you want to know why?

Here’s my list (I was thinking about it in the shower).

There are a lot so strap in.

  1. I never get to go to a restaurant anymore where they have a menu JUST FOR ME.
  2. I have to make changes everywhere else or I’m limited to one or two things. While I was limited to the burrito or tacos at FB, I have to note that their entire menu is focused around those two things. I mean they have fajitas but that’s just a fancy way of taking a burrito and offering up the different parts on a tray for YOU to put together yourself. That’s it. So everyone gets either nachos, tacos, or a burrito. I mean, come on! And NOW, I get to have the option, too??? Yeah, all teasing aside, I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about it. I feel included and for me? That is huge.
  3. I’m on my period (no such thing as TMI on this site, because you need to know what is going on at every stage of the keto journey. Guess what?  Periods happen, dude.) and since I’m enduring my period, I usually go up weight for a few days during bloating season, etc. Right? You know what I’m talking about. Well…. Even after eating that AND being on my period AND being cranky as all get out, I still lost another pound. ANOTHER POUND. That tells me that the ingredients on that tray kept me in ketosis. That’s a beautiful thing.

So what’s the takeaway on this one?

I WILL BE GOING BACK. I will try tacos some time, but I am so in love with the multi-dimensional flavors of the burrito that it might be a while. Plus, I need to get me a cheesecake to try.

If you’re in Post Falls and you want to experience a Keto Burrito from Heaven, check them out. You will NOT be disappointed.

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